Addcounsel, Britain’s leading provider of individualised care programmes for those with behavioural health issues, is launching the Behavioural Wealth Awards on Monday 13th May 2019. These awards will recognise mental health initiatives in both the public and private sectors.
Behavioural Wealth, the Mayfair-based private mental health service, offers one of the world’s most advanced healthcare assessments for diagnosing physical and behavioural health conditions.
The Mental Health Philanthropy Award is for private client firms and individuals who have helped to improve public and family services in the areas of mental and behavioural health, often against a backdrop of reduced public sector funding.
The Mental Health Champion Award will recognise initiatives in the financial, legal and private client advisory world to improve mental health within their sectors.
‘With one in four British workers now reporting mental health issues, it’s a timely moment to recognise some of the pioneering work that is being done to raise mental health within the high-pressure world of the UK’s legal, private client and banking worlds’ says Paul Flynn, founder of Addcounsel.
Several private client forms are now introducing mental health support programme for employees and there are a number of excellent initiatives within the legal world, with law firms offering pro bono services to assist families facing mental health, addiction and recovery problems.
Additionally, a significant amount of research and innovation is being directed towards improving access to technology and developing best practice so as to improve care.
There will be two areas of recognition:

  • Mental Health Champion Awards are open to professionals and individuals in the financial and private client advisory world, including law firms, family offices and financial institutions.
  • One award will recognise a private client or financial services firm for raising mental health awareness with employees. The other will be for the provision of pro bono services for public sector and public services, including philanthropy/fund-raising and raising awareness of behavioural health issues within the justice and family courts system.
  • Mental Health Innovation Award is open to academics, researchers, authors and entrepreneurs who have increased understanding about behavioural health through innovations such as early stage drug research, clinical trials, apps or telemedicine.

Nominations have been open since March and close on Friday 25th April 2019. The judges will include leading experts in the field of mental and behavioural health.
The winners will be announced during a champagne reception at the Cavalry & Guards club on Monday 13th May.
Discussing the awards, Addcounsel founder and CEO Paul Flynn says: “The understanding that ‘health is the first wealth’ is at the heart of our service. We provide a service that deals holistically with physical and behavioural factors that cause deterioration in our quality of life.”
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