Expert Young People’s Mental Health Services in Central London

Expert Young People’s Mental Health Services in Central LondonGrowing up is not an easy time for anyone. As a child tries to navigate the often tricky route between adolescence into adulthood, emotions are heightened and consequently behaviours can  radically alter. It is therefore difficult for a parent or carer to understand whether the changed behaviour is just normal adolescent behaviour or whether it is part of some deeper mental health issues that need to be addressed by a specialist.

There are a whole range of difficulties that young people can face during these times of change including school, family, friends and social media pressures, bullying, cyber bullying, their identity, their sexuality and simply getting through puberty. Consequently, these intense challenges can provoke young people to seek coping mechanisms to deal with such stresses such as experimenting with risky and unhealthy behaviour. Not to mention that 5 % of teens in the Uk suffer from ADHD which brings its own unique challenges that should be addressed.
While experimenting can be a harmless rite of passage for some young people, for others it can lead to more severe mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse disorders. Behavioural addictions are also prone to develop in some young people such as Gaming, Internet Use Disorder, Porn Addiction, Sex and Love Addiction and Co-Dependancy.
Feelings of low self esteem is also common among young people, especially if they feel a certain pressure to achieve grades at school that they don’t manage. They may drop out of university and consequently have to move back in with parents which could trigger other emotions such as guilt and shame and feelings of failure.
A large number of children are dealing with broken family systems that occur when parents separate or a loved one dies. Trauma from these experiences may well contribute to the alarming statistic that, between 2010 and 2018, teenage suicide rates rose by 67%.
Mental health issues are rising faster than amongst children and young people than any other demographic. Studies have shown that almost one in four individuals under the age of 19 will experience a mental health problem. Here at Addcounsel, we provide expert young people’s mental health services in Central London where we can help guide young people through these turbulent times and we understand that behavioural, emotional and mental health problems can affect you at any age.

Specialised Young Person’s Services:

It can be frightening enough facing these problems, but we are here to tell you that you don’t have to deal with them alone. Our specialist Young Person’s Services located in Central London are able to offer help to children and adolescents and guidance to parents and carers.
We can offer a diverse and highly qualified team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, therapists as well as our nationwide network of specialists who are able to deliver world class clinical treatment for any mental health condition your child might be facing. 

Expert Young People’s Mental Health Specialists in Central London:

At Addcounsel, we understand that sometimes young people struggle opening up about certain issues they may be facing. Because of this we have expert young people’s specialists able to help encourage children and adolescents talk about their thoughts and feelings in a way they maybe find too difficult to do at home. Our expert clinicians will then be able to assess the issues and decide whether or not the matter requires treatment for a more serious mental health issue, or not. Throughout the assessment both parent and child will be skilfully supported through any difficult emotional experiences. Once the assessment is completed our service is then able to provide you with every available resource needed to resolve underlying stresses or triggers that may have led to the disorder behaviour.
Every young person’s case that we deal with at Addcounsel is unique to the individual as each circumstance is reliant on a variety of different and very personal factors. Consequently, we treat each person for their own individual presenting issues. The child or teenager we work with is always at the heart of their own recovery journey. In order to avoid more serious mental health issues from developing further down the road, early intervention is key. With this in mind, we are confident that with the support and treatment offered by our team of expert clinicians, we will be able to help young people navigate the obstacles they face and go back to the happy and healthy lives they rightly deserve.

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