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Alcohol & COVID-19

Alcohol & COVID-19 – Addiction treatment centre shows why excessive drinking must stop now

The overindulgence of food, alcohol, drugs, shopping and promiscuous behaviour are all somehow acceptable if they come under the umbrella of ‘Christmas’. But what if these behaviours begin to slip into the New Year, then sneakily into Spring whilst insidiously making themselves comfortable by the following Summer?

The Addcounsel Private Alcohol Rehab in London – World Leading Alcohol Dependancy Treatment

At Addcounsel’s Luxury Rehab Centre in Mayfair, London, our team are highly skilled experts in their field, eminently knowledgeable about the risks and consequences of excessive alcohol use. We offer alcohol detox services with the utmost respect to one’s privacy. In treating any addiction, care and compassion is at the forefront of our approach.