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Alcohol & COVID-19

Alcohol & COVID-19 – Addiction treatment centre shows why excessive drinking must stop now

The overindulgence of food, alcohol, drugs, shopping and promiscuous behaviour are all somehow acceptable if they come under the umbrella of ‘Christmas’. But what if these behaviours begin to slip into the New Year, then sneakily into Spring whilst insidiously making themselves comfortable by the following Summer?

A Very “Merry” Family Christmas

Family dynamics are tricky to navigate at any time of the year, however at Christmas they can become all but impossible. The reunion at the family home surrounded by brothers and sisters, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and maybe the odd “Auntie” (who in fact is not a blood relative but a friend of the family) can bring about a modern day, psychological head-scrambling phenomena known as Christmas ‘Holiday Regression’.

The Addcounsel Private Alcohol Rehab in London – World Leading Alcohol Dependancy Treatment

At Addcounsel’s Luxury Rehab Centre in Mayfair, London, our team are highly skilled experts in their field, eminently knowledgeable about the risks and consequences of excessive alcohol use. We offer alcohol detox services with the utmost respect to one’s privacy. In treating any addiction, care and compassion is at the forefront of our approach.

What is a Midlife Crisis and How Can it Manifest?

When people reach a certain age and experience emotional distress, it can often be thought that they are finding it hard to cope with the idea of their own mortality, and that at some point in “the middle of their lives”, they decide to relinquish their responsibilities and have fun.However this is not generally the experience most people have. Signs and symptoms of a midlife crisis can include anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, anger problems, and career or relationship dissatisfaction.

Gaming Misuse – Public Health SOS

Gaming has never been more popular than it is now. There are approximately 2.2 billion gamers in the world[1] and it is an industry worth approximately £100 billion pounds. This is all very good news for game developers and the top players who make money out of it, but is there a flip-side to this? Is it possible that there is a dark side to the popularity of gaming, and how could it be damaging people?

What are the Odds? Will Football Give Up Gambling?

It is now nearly impossible to watch a game of football without seeing logos of gambling websites on players’ shirts. In fact, 60% of top two division teams are sponsored by them. There is no doubt that sport and gambling are intrinsically linked, and have been forever. But has it become more sinister than the days of your grandfather going down to the bookies to lay a fiver on his favourite team?

Cannabis and Pain

Cannabis is being touted as being able to help a myriad of medical problems, some of them being Alzheimer’s disease, appetite loss, cancer, Crohn’s disease, eating disorders, epilepsy, glaucoma, mental health conditions, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, nausea, and pain[1]. This article will look at the use of cannabis as a painkiller, and examine whether it is a miracle medicine, or snake oil.