Dr. Sam Nayrouz

Professional experience

  • Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist, NHS, UK, since 2004.
  • Director of Clinical Studies, NHS Trust – since 2014.
  • Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, AUC Medical School, since 2019.
  • Senior Lecturer, Imperial College Medical School, 2005–2021.

Dr Nayrouz is a consultant psychiatrist with over 28 years of experience in general adult psychiatry and particular expertise in the areas of Depressive and Bipolar Disorders, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders and Adult ADHD.

Dr Nayrouz has been a Consultant Psychiatrist at West London NHS Trust since 2005 and Director of Clinical Studies since 2014.  Dr Nayrouz has been a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at AUC Medical School since 2019 and was Hon Senior Lecturer at Imperial College Medical School between 2005 and 2021. Dr Nayrouz held various roles at West London Trust including: ‘Senior Clinical Lead’, ‘Mood Disorders Lead’, ‘Bipolar NICE Implementation Lead’, ‘Adult ADHD Lead’ and ‘Physical Health Lead’. Dr Nayrouz worked as an examiner at the Imperial Medical School and the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He is on the GMC specialist register, approved under S 12 of the MHA and a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Dr Nayrouz undertook his psychiatric training at St Mary’s & Charing Cross Psychiatric Training Scheme in London.

Dr Nayrouz has gained wide recognition as an expert in bipolar & depressive disorders at local and national level. He was a member of a panel of national & European experts who produced the ‘International Consensus Definition of Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Depression’ published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in January 2019 and acted as a member of national expert forum in treatment-resistant depression.

Dr Nayrouz collaborated with a number of world leaders in bipolar disorder to integrate latest evidence-based interventions in developing the Bipolar Disorder Care Pathway at West London Trust. He ran a Specialist Mood Disorders Clinic in Ealing for 7 years, diagnosing and treating patients with bipolar and depressive disorders and offering second opinions on complex and treatment-resistant cases. Patients’ feedback on his care from the ‘Royal College of Psychiatrists 360 feedback’ ranked him in the top 10% of participating UK psychiatrists.

Dr Nayrouz has a special interest in PTSD and provides regular assessments for the ‘UK Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority’ and ‘The Centre for Health and Disability Assessments’ on behalf of UK Veterans and Department for Work and Pensions. Dr Nayrouz became the Adult ADHD Lead in Ealing in 2013, instigating and running the first Specialist Adult ADHD Assessment and Treatment Service in Ealing.

Dr Nayrouz has an Extensive experience as an expert witness in civil, criminal and family proceedings spanning over 15 years assisting Courts and Tribunals with written and oral expert evidence since 2005.