The International Addcounsel Luxury Rehab

Why Addcounsel’s Luxury Rehab?

You need treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, but you don’t know which one to choose. This article will give you some insight as to why Addcounsel’s Luxury Rehab in Central London is the only choice for you.

Our Treatment Excels Worldwide Standards of Excellence

Addcounsel is a leading provider worldwide for exceptional quality of clinical care for all of our international clients. We offer the very best psychological and addiction treatment services.

We are Based in London

According to the Financial News Wealth Report, London recently beat New York as the world’s best capital for the wealthy to live in. It is one of the most easily accessible cities to reach in the world – connected directly to over 130 countries. Outside of the U.S, London also hosts the highest number of addiction and mental health specialists in the world. The U.K is a country that adheres to extremely strong clinical and regulatory standards which ensure the topmost level of care in all areas. London is an extremely culturally diverse city, boasting an ethnically diverse NHS which grants us access to world class specialists who are able to communicate in a vast range of different languages. This enables many people to access our treatment from all over the world. Like Switzerland, the UK places a high emphasis on the medical approach to treatment for mental health and substance misuse issues, however the UK also places import on holistic treatment approaches alongside medical care. This works exceptionally well for our treatment at Addcounsel’s luxury London rehab, as we combine medication, homeopathy, counselling, acupuncture, cognitive therapy, massage and nutrition to deliver a fully comprehensive and personalised plan for each individual client.

Unparalleled Treatment Approach

Addcounsel uses the Recovery Route as the framework to all of their treatment. This is a four stage pathway which is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. After carefully assessing each client, we then gather a a collective of carefully chosen people to guide patients step-by-step through an intensive medical as well as holistic programme for the duration of their stay with us.

You are More Than Just a Diagnosis

You have probably been given a diagnosis many times over which doesn’t do much more than offer you a label for your symptoms. At Addcounsel you are more than just a diagnosis to us and we treat you as such. We believe that our clients hold the key to their own recovery and we help them find it with a wide range of diagnostic tests that provide a compressive assessment, analysing all aspects of our clients – from their genetic make-up, to their health history, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. Only by looking at the full picture will we be able to determine what is needed to achieve the possibility of a lasting recovery.

What we do Works

Although we have formulated a unique and singular treatment pathway, our Recovery Route was constructed using decades of research provided by clinical experts and our approach unites the latest clinical and scientific advances available with forward thinking holistic treatments. There is nowhere better in the world to find long lasting recovery from addiction in a location that offers unequalled privacy as well as luxury.

We are here to help

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